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                        Coal Yard Dustproof Net
                        • Coal Yard Dustproof NetCoal Yard Dustproof Net
                        • Coal Yard Dustproof NetCoal Yard Dustproof Net
                        • Coal Yard Dustproof NetCoal Yard Dustproof Net

                        Coal Yard Dustproof Net

                        Yantai Double Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of windproof and Double Plastic® Coal yard Dustproof Net in china. From raw material procurement,drawing, weaving, processing to finished products, we control product quality from the source.

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                        Product Description

                        • Product Description

                        Double Plastic®Dustproof Net is woven from polyethylene new wire drawing material, which has the advantages of simple installation, high tensile force and long service life.
                        When loose materials such as coal storage yards, ore, and lime piles encounter strong winds above level 3, a large amount of dust is often raised, causing serious pollution to the surrounding atmospheric environment. The use of coal yard dust-proof nets can centrally solve the problem of dust pollution of loose fluid materials accumulated in coal piles, ash piles, stockpiles, etc., and is the best measure to solve the dust pollution of loose materials at present.

                        • Coal yard Dustproof Net Specifications

                        Windproof Net,Anti-dust Net
                        100% virgin HDPE with UV Treated
                        Shade Rate
                        6 needles,9 needles,12 needles,18 needles
                        Delivery Time
                        15-30days according to quantities
                        1*20 FCL
                        Service life
                        3-7 years
                        Plastic bag/cloth,Carton

                        • Coal yard Dustproof Net Features

                        The surface of the product is treated with plastic spray, which can absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, reduce the oxidation rate of the material itself, make the product have better anti-aging performance and increase the service life. At the same time, the UV transmittance is low, which avoids the damage of the material in the sunlight.
                        Because the product can absorb ultraviolet rays, it has good aging resistance characteristics, which greatly improves the service life Flame retardant.
                        •flame retardant
                        Because it is a metal plate, it has good flame retardancy and can meet the requirements of fire protection and safety production.

                        • Coal yard Dustproof Net  Application

                        • Package

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